Kevin Miller takes calls on the president saluting the troops with a coffee cup in his hand.  Several folks call in to complain about the president's behavior.

Kevin Miller shares a story about a woman suing a resort because she was hit in the face with fireworks.


Kevin Miller looks at local cases of domestic violence in the Treasure Valley.  He takes calls from listeners expressing their support for Thursday Night's Rally to End Domestic Violence beginning at 7pm at Foothills Christian Church in Boise.


Kevin Miller speaks with Emily Wither from Fox News Radio from Jerusalem.  Emily details the Middle East reaction to the US led coalition bombing ISIS/ISIL.



Kevin Miller discusses protecting, not killing, wolves in Idaho with Suzanne Stone, an Idaho Resident and wolf activist.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who disagree with Suzanne.


Kevin Miller shares a clip of Joe Biden mocking Mitt Romney about Romney bombing Syria.

Kevin Miller takes a look at national politics with Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff examines how control of the senate could impact folks in Idaho.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the picture saluting the troops while holding a coffee cup.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Congressman Mike Simpson.  They take calls on the budget, ISIS/ISIL, and the upcoming general election.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the pro and cons of the Iphone6.  Dave reveals that he is not a first adapter to new technology.  Kevin Miller compares the Voice to American Idol.  He opines about the lack of criticism in today's media.