Kevin Miller welcomes Phil Hardy back to the broadcast center.  Phil gives his inside take on the November Elections.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who predict who they want to win.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Christine Haun discussing Ebola.  She goes over how the CDC is fighting the disease.  She offers a detailed history of the virus and how to protect yourself from it.  Kevin Miller asks Dr. Haun about the flu season.


Kevin Miller interviews Suzanne Stone from Defenders of Wildlife.  She's promoting nonlethal means of dealing with the wolf population.  She says they're better ways to deal with wolves than killing them.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the issue of Alma being jailed.  Kevin Miller looks the gay marriages licenses that will be issued today in Idaho.  He lets folks know that he will be covering wolf hunting next hour.


Kevin Miller interview Jim Hasse, Alma's husband, who discusses her imprisonment.  Kevin Miller asks folks to vote on who they think won or lost in last night's debate at 580 KIDO.com


Kevin Miller and Dave review last night's governor's debate.  They share their insight into who made the best impression.  Kevin Miller breaks down the arguments of Steve Panky.