Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Senator Mike Crapo.  The senator speaks on jobs, ISIS, and control of the senate.  Senator Crapo and Kevin Miller take call from listeners.


Kevin Miller gets an update on ISIS/ISIL from Emily Wither of Fox News Radio.  He looks at efforts to re-certify teachers in Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes calls on ISIS and Education.


Kevin Miller goes one on one with Mike Tracy talking Idaho politics.  They discuss the governor's race and how big will education funding factor into the final days of the campaign.


Kevin Miller looks at the governor's race.  He reports on the governor's recent activities including fighting Ebola and gay marriage.  Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio on paid vacation for government workers.


Kevin Miller shares his interviews with best selling Robert Spencer.  Mr. Spencer defines the threat from ISIS/ISIL.  He urges the administration to do increase its military presence.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest on Ebola and the governor's race.  They report that the governor has gone back to the Ninth Circuit concerning gay marriage.  Kevin Miller invites everyone to go to 580 KIDO.com to cast their vote.