Kevin Miller goes live to Jerusalem to speak with Emily Wither of Fox News Radio.  She reports on the latest fighting involving ISIS.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone that he will be at Capital High School tomorrow.


Kevin Miller interviews author Johnanthan V. Last of the Weekly Standard.  Johnathan discusses his new book The Seven Deadly Virtues.  He tells Kevin how the eighteen writers made virtues humorous.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the nurse in Maine who refuses to quarantine herself.  She has threatened to sue the state if she is not released.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate AJ Balukoff.  Mr. Balukoff discusses the campaign and takes calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller and Simon Owen of Fox News Radio discuss talking statues in London.  They debate the popularity of the NFL in London.  Kevin Miller gives an update on Ebola.


Kevin Miller is joined by Naghmeh Abedini discussing her husband Pastor Saeed.  Pastor Saeed has been imprisoned in Iran for over two years.  Naghmeh shares her spiritual journey to continue to raise awareness about Saeed.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the popularity of politics verses sports.  They go over the first college playoff team rankings.  Dave talks to Kevin Miller about the body found under the Americana Bridge in Boise.

Kevin Miller looks at how folks can become more involved in self government.