Kevin Miller interviews Dominic Gelsomino who is running for state representative.  He also declared that he is gay.  Kevin and Dominic look at whether a gay republican can be elected in Idaho.


Kevin Miller takes callers concerning the definition of marriage.  John calls in and said that social conservatives are wrong on marriage.  John also states polygamy will be legal in America in 20 years.


Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association joins Kevin Miller discussing the legal challenges to marriage in Idaho and across the country.  Kevin Miller and Bryan examine the rise of polygamy in the country and on cable television.


Kevin Miller examines the front page story detailing the allegations made by former House Speaker Denney that the governor was behind the renewed investigation of his wife.  Kevin Miller looks at the results of last night's local school elections.


Kevin Miller speaks with Naghmeh Abedini who updates the audience on the condition of her husband Pastor Saeed who is being held prisoner in Iran.  Naghmeh describes her life and challenges, plus speaking at the World Human Rights Summit.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at last night's levy results.  Kevin wonders whether or not education issues can propel a democrat to the governor's office.  Kevin examines the announcement from one republican candidate that he is gay.