Kevin Miller covers the Rosetta Mission with Simon Owen of Fox News Radio.  Simon details the efforts of the European Space program.


Kevin Miller speaks with Luke Kilcup, president of the Idaho Young Republicans.  Luke tells Kevin Miller about the challenges of the being politically active in college.  Kevin Miller takes calls on Charles Rangel's comments concerning the Tea Party Bob.


Kevin Miller receives an award from Gregg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance for his support of the second amendment in Idaho.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Pruett discuss the next legislative session.


Kevin Miller is joined by Mark Kirkorian from the Center for Immigration Studies.  They discuss what the new congress will do to stop amnesty.  Kevin Miller looks into the costs of illegal immigration in schools.


Kevin Miller goes live to China to talk to Alaster Wyanklyn of Fox News Radio.  Alaster is traveling with the president.  He discloses the differences between the Chinese Media and the European Media.

Kevin Miller shares the story of the judge voiding the sixty million dollar broadband contract.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. Gerald Lameiro on the president's proposal to being 'net neutrality.'  He tells Kevin Miller that this is Obama Care for the internet.  He urges congress to stop it before it starts.

Kevin Miller takes calls on Charlie Rangel's comments on the Tea Party being White Crackers.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss whether or not it will snow in the Treasure Valley.  They look at the latest top four teams in college football.  Kevin Miller reflect on Veterans Day and previews Miller's Mission.