Kevin Miller reviews last night's senate vote on the Keystone Pipeline with Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She reports on how the measure failed by only one vote.

Kevin Miller and Reverend Bill Roscoe from the Boise Rescue Mission interviews members of Nichols Accounting who donating several turkeys as part of their random acts of kindness program.


Kevin Miller is joined by Andrew of the Lighthouse Ministries.  He describes his life of addiction and what led him to recovery.

Kevin Miller is joined by Doug who owns a flooring company.  Doug donates ten turkeys and challenges all the local small business folks to do the same.

Kevin Miler interviews another Doug who is recovery from a meth addiction.  He tells Kevin Miller how he is working to get over his addiction.


Kevin Miller speaks with several callers concerning the Keystone Pipeline, the price of gasoline, and the state wi fi contract.  Alan L. Morton, attorney at Law, stops by to challenge his facebook friends and donate to the mission.  Steve and Dave Gibson challenge all compost businesses.


Kevin Miller meets with Mike from the Lighthouse Rescue Mission.  Mike explains what life is like at the Mission and how the residents will spend the holidays.  Kevin Miller and Mike review the rehabilitation programs at the Boise Rescue Mission.


Kevin Miller and Simon Owen of Fox News Radio report on the terror threat against US Troops in Europe.  Kevin Miller urges safety and worries about domestic terror attacks here.

Kevin Miller and Meagan from the Mission preview the Thanksgiving Feast next week.


Kevin Miller and Meagan from the Boise Rescue Mission detail the need in the Treasure Valley for clothes, food, cash, and turkeys.  Kevin Miller reports on the road and weather conditions in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the cold weather and ponder whether the temperatures will rise.  Dave says they're could be freezing rain tomorrow morning during the morning show.  Kevin Miller describes the need to help neighbors and nonprofits during Miller's Mission.