Kevin Miller looks at the ISIS threat abroad and in this country.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion on the ISIS topic.


Kevin Miller hears from Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  They discuss how electric cars are more damaging to the environment than gas powered vehicles.

Kevin Miller takes calls on who listeners would like to nominate for the republican nomination in 2016.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  Jared tells Kevin Miller what the Bush campaigns main goals are and what they hope to achieve.

Kevin Miller takes calls from Tom Munds, who describes the Canyon County Sheriff's deputies who are outside his house.   They're investigating the shooting in Notus of the clerk at Jackson's.


Kevin Miller is joined by Stephen Yates the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.  Mr. Yates updates Kevin Miller on the threat of ISIS, the petro dollar, oil prices, and the possibility of a Jeb Bush presidency.


Kevin Miller reports on Samuel L. Jackson's new song.  Mr. Jackson wants people to spread the word and make it like the ice bucket challenge.  The song calls police racist.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the song.


Kevin Miller discusses the current state of internet security.  He examines the case of North Korea verse Sony Pictures.  Kevin Miller looks at the presidential prospects of Jeb Bush.


Kevin Miller discusses tacky Christmas behavior at malls and parking lots.  He looks at the series finale of Survivor and The Amazing Race.  He and Dave report on the shooting of the clerk in Notus.