Kevin Miller speaks with Senator Jim Risch who gives his take on the State Of The Union.  The senator reviews the current state of our foreign policy.


Kevin Miller interviews Senator Mike Crapo who attended last night's State Of the Union Speech in Washington DC.  The senator believes that the president will continue not to get along with congress.


Kevin Miller debates with the callers and the panel on the State Of The Union.  Several folks call into predict what the president will say.  Many people say he will make a major announcement about immigration.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio detailing the oil spill at Yellowstone National Park.

Kevin Miller and the panel preview the president's speech in Boise.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jessica Golloher from Fox News Radio.  She reports on the latest ISIS hostage situation involving the Japanese.

Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the president's speech last night.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Tea Party Bob, Pat from Middleton, Patriot Ray and Too Fly Bry.  They're giving a preview of the president's appearance in Boise today.

Kevin Miller takes call on his Obama's Idaho article.


Kevin Miller and Dave react to the president's state of the union speech last night.  They discuss the growing controversy involving the New England Patriots.