Kevin Miller hears from listeners who believe the words should not be added.  Kevin Miller looks at the LDS Church's statement on the LGBT.


Kevin Miller covers yesterday's add the words testimony hearing.  Several folks call in reliving their experiences at the hearing.


Kevin Miller interviews State Senator Jeff Siddoway about teacher salaries.  The senator goes into specific detail on how teachers are leaving the state.  He tells Kevin Miller that some districts have to hire non certified teachers to teach classes.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. Peg Luksik who flew in from Pennsylvania to speak at the Common Core Forum.   She takes calls with Kevin Miller from parents concerned about how their children are being taught.


Kevin Miller continues taking calls from listeners reacting to the add the words hearing.  He describes the Challenger explosion that happened twenty nine years ago today.

Kevin Miller looks at Super Bowl Media Day.


Kevin Miller reviews day 2 of the add the words hearing at the statehouse. He plays testimony and takes gets reaction.

Kevin Miller looks at the possible court martial of Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at day 2 of the add the words testimony.  They look at the east coast snow storm.  Kevin Miller and Dave look at how Idaho would handle the severe weather.