Kevin Miller continues on with the Common Core discussion.  Kevin Miller then gives away another pair of PBR tickets by playing 'name that jabronie.'


Kevin Miller is joined by Michael Petrilli of the Fordham Institute concerning Common Core.  They debate what it will take to make the state better in education standards.  Several folks call in to disagree with Mr. Petrilli.



Kevin Miller is joined by Jennifer Keiper of Fox News Radio.  She details the GM hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller is joined by Phil McGrane, candidate for Idaho Secretary of State.  They discuss voter fraud, the land board, and other issues.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  Jared previews the Benghazi hearings today.  Kevin Miller then holds the first ever 'name that jabronie contest for PBR Tickets.


Kevin Miller details the fallout from the GM hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday.  Kevin asks whether big companies care about their customers and how consumers can hold GM accountable.  Kevin Miller details the media coverage of the health exchange.


Kevin Miller and Dave wake up and talk about the big issues.  Kevin tells Dave about his obsession with the new Channel 7 Race for the Cure Promo.  Dave wants Kevin to get a life.  They both debate the roll of big companies and gas prices in America.