Join us tomorrow live from North Junior High in Boise


Kevin Miller looks at a few issues and takes phone calls on a few topics.  He covers US Attorney General Eric Holder's comments to congress, Al Sharpton saying he may have been fat, but he's no rat, and the dog killing Filer cop being put back on the beat.


Kevin Miller is joined by Senator Jim Risch detailing his conversations yesterday with Secretary of State John Kerry.  Kevin Miller asks Senator Risch about Iran, Pastor Saeed, Russia, and the economy.  Kevin Miller provides updates on the Pittsburgh stabbing incident.


Kevin Miller looks into the death of the Ultimate Warrior and what it means to the listeners.  Kevin Miller then asks the audience what would you do if you knew were going to die?  Several folks call in and share their stories.


Kevin Miller looks at ADA County issues with Commissioner Jim Tibbs.  Kevin Miller goes over the budget, National County Government Month, and the county's role verses the federal government.


Kevin Miller is joined by Ray Steele from WIBC Radio in Indianapolis discussing the death of the Ultimate Warrior.  Kevin Miller and Ray Steele detail the Ultimate Warrior's influence beyond professional wrestling.



Kevin Miller is joined by Ken Blackwell of the Coalition for Mortgage Security.  They discuss whether or not the government should reimburse investors in Freddie Mac and Fannie May.  They then discuss the housing market and the economy.


Kevin Miller discusses his Fred Meyer situation with Dave.  They talk about television sitcoms and what will be cancelled.  Kevin Miller gives his thoughts on the life and death of the Ultimate Warrior.