Kevin Miller is joined in studio by former State Senator Nicole Lefavor from the Add the Words Campaign.  They discuss the legislature and take calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller speaks with Art Gregory, author of KIDO, Boise's First Radio Station.  Art details the contributions KIDO Legend John Duane.  Art plays sound clips of John Duane on KIDO and other radio stations.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Julie Lynde from the Cornerstone Family Council.  They discuss faith, family, freedom, and how popular culture has impact today's children.


Kevin Miller discusses Senator Harry Reid's comments about the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  He shares a clip from National Lampoon's Animal House and compares the movie to Nevada.  Jim from Middleton calls in to discuss the government watch list.

Kevin Miller shares the story of a five year old boy who was hit by a commercial truck on Fairview Avenue.  The young boy is still in critical condition.


Kevin Miller discusses the threat of skin cancer with Dermatologist Dr. James Stewart from Saint Alphonsus.  Did you know Idaho has the highest rate of melanoma deaths in the country?  They discuss how to prevent skin cancer and how often to come in for a check up.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss reader reaction to Kevin Miller's blog about The Game Of Thrones.  Kevin Miller detailed what happened on Sunday's Episode and a few folks were upset.  They also discuss the today's funeral of KIDO Legend John Duane.