Kevin Miller speaks with Matt Rice from Mercy for Animals.  Matt organized the protest at the Capitol yesterday against the AG Gag Bill.  Matt believes the reaction will impact today's vote in the House.  He urges the governor to veto the bill.  Several callers phone in to debate Matt with Kevin Miller.



Kevin Miller interviews the honorable Janice McGeachin on her article criticizing Governor Otter.  She offers her take on the governor's race.


Kevin Miller tackles the Arizona Religious Freedom Bill and compares it to the movement in Idaho.  Dr. Linda Clark, Superintendent of Meridian Joint School District, updates Kevin Miller on digital learning from Washington DC.


Kevin Miller gets a preview of the John Boehner Barrack Obama meeting at the White House.  Kevin takes a look at the economic impact on the local elections.  He discusses whether or not incumbents could be out of work like those recently laid off.


Kevin Miller interviews Colonel Tim Marsano from the Idaho Army/Air National Guard.  They discuss the possible cutbacks of the A10 program, the possible transfer of the Apache Helicopters, and the latest with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Kevin Miller takes a look at a senate proposal raising the speed limit to 80mph.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at vacations in the west.  Dave says he'd go to Glacier National Park, while Kevin says he'd prefer Salt Lake City.  They debate the merits of outdoor vacations verses indoor.  They go over the proposed cutbacks at Maximus and the Idaho National Guard.

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