We begin our two day broadcast from the 'Hold their feet to the Fire' event from Washington DC.  We'll hear from farmers, ranchers, and lawmakers who are fighting for the future of America.

Roy Beck from Numbers USA will detail how illegal immigration is transforming America.  Congressman and former Mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania Lou Barletta on dealing with the challenges of the politically correct immigration movement.

The Washington Examiner's David Drucker reports on what's for the amnesty movement in congress.  Plus Tom Tancredo, Dan Stein, and the return of Congressman Raul Labrador.

I'll have a firsthand account of yesterday's Senate Foreign Relations Committee's vote 19-0 limiting the president's ability to deal with Iran.  ( A huge thanks to Senator Risch for getting us access to the hearing.  We'll have an exclusive behind the scenes video and blog about our day with the senator coming up this week.)

Oh and we didn't forget Wednesday is tax day.  Are you happy to be giving your money to Uncle Sam?