Welcome to the Kevin Miller Hot List weekend edition and here we go!  What a crazy week it was for the state of Arizona, Jeff Gordon, and American Flag T shirts.  Let's not forgot the opening of The Son of God movie, a possible snag in the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, and Trader Joe's arriving in the Treasure Valley.   Don't forget to check out the Saturday edition of Kevin Miller in the Morning.  Mayhem in the AM starts at 5AM with the All Star Panel.

Sports broadcasters should stick to sports.  This is what happens when sports broadcasters try to talk politics.  They don't know what they're talking about !  Here's a You Tube file of Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon proving my point.

The Arizona Controversy spurs a big time verbal brawl between CNN's Chris Cuomo and the Catholic League's Bill Donohue.  Newsbusters has the smackdown.

What type of country do we live in where you can't wear an American Flag T shirt?  According to the 9th circuit, it's California says the AP.

It's official, the IRS planned to attack Tea Party and nonprofit groups according to the Washington Times.

Jeff Gordon has fun at the expense of a doubting reporter courtesy of You Tube.

The 'Gay Gestapo is now after churches according to best selling author Tammy Bruce in The Washington Times.

Trader Joe's is finally here and the response it HUGE according to The Idaho Statesman.

Do remember that part time or full time job you worked while going to college?  Here's a story of a Duke University Student who pays for here tuition by being a porn star.  Only the Seattle Times could bring you the story.

Is Hillary Clinton too sick to run for the presidency in 2016?  The Daily Caller investigates the biggest possible political story of the year.

The movie The Son Of God opens today and producer Mark Burnett tells Fox News that he's expecting a big response.