The hot list watch never stops as folks around the world get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Whether it's local, state, or national, we're covering it!

1.  Chief Masterson says democracy has failed in the state senate.  I thought we were a republic?  Here's the story from the statesman.

2.  Congrats to Idaho's Olympic Gold Medalist Kaitlyn Farrington.  She appeared on the Today show this morning.  Here's the interview from Channel 7.

3.  Apparently Ed Snowden stole a password that enabled him to get a lot of intel that has been made public.  Here's the story from NBC.

4.  Despite the spin, the health exchange sign up is still behind projects.  Here are the details thanks to CNS News.

5.  Filer fights back against the dog killer.  Channel 7 has the story.

6.  Chick-fil-A adjusts its menu.  Yahoo and AP give us the details.

7.  The Department of Homeland Security is going on a shopping spree for ammo.  Find out why from the Daily Caller.

8.  Good Morning America continues to dominate the Today Show.   Despite Putin and the Sochi games, NBC is number two in mornings.  Fox News has the report.

9.  How CBS beat NBC, ABC, ESPN, and AARP for the television rights to Thursday Night Football.   

10.  Google has a new tool designed to let you monitor someone without their knowledge.  Here's the scoop from The Blaze.