I thought I would take the time to go over some of the big topics of the day. I realize you have a busy schedule and sometimes you don't have time to look everything up. So I've compiled a list of some of hot topics that people are talking about today and what we'll be covering Tuesday Morning. Here we go...
The president now says he can do whatever he wants according to the Weekly Standard.
Another year delay for the health insurance mandate for medium sized employers according to the Washington Post.
Maryland lawmakers vow to cut off water and electric to the NSA according to US News.
Missouri football player Michael Sam comes out of the closet just in time for the NFL draft, says the New York Times.
The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at why Rand Paul continues to bring up the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky Affair.
Surprise! Gay couples can now adopt in Idaho says the Idaho Statesman.
So much for affordable gas prices in the Gem State. The Idaho Statesman reports that the Idaho Trucking Association wants to introduce a bill that would raise the price per gallon by six cents.
GOP lawmakers want to tap into the state's sales tax resources to fund roads, according to our friends at Channel 7.
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