Welcome to day 2 of the hot list.  If you have any suggestions, please send me an email.  These stories are currently trending worldwide and locally.  There's a good chance that we'll be discussing these stories and more Wednesday Morning on 580 KIDO.

Warning this story from magicvalley.com contains a graphic video of a police officer shooting a dog in Twin Falls.  We will be discussing this story Wednesday Morning.

The Blaze reports that Eric Holder has now granted same sex couples the same protections as traditional couples in court, bankruptcy, and prison.

Twin Falls says no to Ed Beckley again according to Channel 7.

Minor League Baseball players sue Major League Baseball over wages.  Is nothing sacred?  Here's the skinny via Courthouse News Service.

Yahoo News reports that New York will now issue identity papers to illegals living in this country.

The Supreme Court has been asked to clarify the term keep and bear arms according to the Wall Street Journal.

Right Wing Terrorism?  Why is the Ohio National Guard training to stop such a thing?  Mediatrackers has the report including links to internal documents and a TV report.

We'll talk about these stories and more Wednesday morning on 580 KIDO beginning at 5AM.