Whether you're winding down or waking up, the hot list has the big stories that are trending across Idaho and America.  The goal of the hot list is to give you quick links to all the major stories across our state and country.  Since you don't have the time to look and scan every source, let us do the work for you!  Story suggestions are always welcome!

Can you drive 75mph?  How about 80 Mph?  That would be the new state speed limit if one lawmaker has his way according to Channel 7.

Some conservatives want Speaker Boehner to get the boot after the debt ceiling giveaway.  The Daily Caller has the details here.

A prowler is lose in Meridian according to Channel 7.

Is Idaho anti gay?  The governor responds to questions concerning the 'add the words' campaign.  The Statesman has the story here.

Is Bryan Smith for real?  Apparently some believe he can beat Mike Simpson.  They give us their story in the Statesman.

It's not looking good in Atlanta.  Another ice is hitting the ATL and it's not a good thing.

Here's a look at the top state's for job creation.  Find out where the Gem State stacks up.

Looking for the next Star Wars like weapons?  How about James Bond or Batman?  Forget fiction, here are the facts about weapons of the future.

Every wonder what the dreaded 'Doomsday Aircraft' looks like?  Check out this exclusive look inside at youtube.

A homeless 49ers fan finds a happy ending after his story goes viral.