The news watch never stops and neither does the hot list...

Hard to believe the presidential primary season is under way.  Forget about the midterms, the real candidates for 2016 are playing Moneyball.  In other words traveling to the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.  Here's a scorecard of who's racking up the frequent flier miles.  MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough is off to the granite state of New Hampshire according to the Daily Caller.

Speaking of 2016, Hillary Clinton gets exposed by former talk show host Kathleen Wiley.  Here's Willey's interview with the cosmetically appealing Megyn Kelly from last night's Kelly's file on the Fox News Channel.

Hillary Clinton has a long political history in this country.  It's hard to believe she's only held one elective office and that's being the junior senator from New York.  Her record as Secretary of State is a disaster but what about the rest of her past?  Byron York makes the case that its fair game in the Washington Examiner.

Netflix has a huge hit with House of Cards.  I feel like I'm missing out on the next big thing.  Then again, don't we all watch too much TV.  Peggy Noonan takes a look at the portrayal of Washington in The Wall Street Journal.

This story is too tragic not to mention again.  We all group up listening to Casey Kasem and his counting down the top 40.  Kasem now 81 is suffering from Parkinson's and is a pawn in a war between his wife and children.  Here's the story from The Hollywood Reporter.

The New York Times/ Idaho Statesman profiles a young professional rodeo aspirant who works in Oregon because of the higher minimum wage.  The issue with raising the minimum wage is that everything else will have to be raised.  Can you see any business big or small absorbing the loss in profits due to higher wages?

So much for Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino.  They both got the boot from the CBS pregame show 'The NFL Today.'  Tony Gonzales joins the team even though he has yet to official retire from the NFL.  Yahoo News has the expanded story here.

The strange story of a hand on a breast that appeared on Facebook continues to be newsworthy.  Who in there right mind posts such a picture online?  Especially if they're a teacher or coach!  Here's the latest from Channel 7.

So much for protecting religious freedom in the Idaho Legislature.  Rep. Luker withdraws his religious freedom bill.  Channel 7 has the why here.

The last word on minimum wage from CNS News.  Here's a good one.  We have a government slappy saying that raising it will cause more people not to work.  Shouldn't we be getting Idaho and America back to work?