What do Jimmy Fallon, Cee Lo Green, Justin Bieber, and Hot Pockets have in common?  You guessed it true believer.  It's time for another edition of Kevin Miller's Hot List.   Thanks for joining us and for firing up your mobile device.  Our goal is to get you through whatever you're dealing with until Kevin Miller's show starts weekdays 5AM-9AM and the Saturday Smackdown with the all star panel 5AM-8AM.

Apparently the NSA snooping on everyone is not enough for the administration.  This is the same crew that has had the IRS going after Tea Party Folks.  Now the government wants to look into bias in the newsroom according Fox News.  Maybe they should start with CNN and MSNBC?

The Canadians win again. Oh Canada,  another disappointing loss for the US Women's Hockey Team.  Is it really a sport when the same two teams reach the Olympic finals?  The IdahoStatesman has the break down of the big loss.

CWI has an issue with guns on campus.   Are state educators ignoring the 2nd Amendment?  We live in Idaho, not California.  Bill Roberts has the story in the Idaho Statesman.

Who can resist a Hot Pocket?  They're quick and they taste good.  Let's forget about the sodium and calories.  CNN reports a recall of two popular Hot Pockets because of bad meat.

Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner are in the running for Olympic Gold in figure skating.  Both need to step it up to make the big run for gold.  However anything is possible according to USA Today.

I am not a fan of Jimmy Fallon.  However this video featuring the music of the Sugar Hill Gang and the voices of Brian Williams and Lester Holt is irresistible. If Fallon is this good and this mainstream, it's going to be a long late night plunge for David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Chelsea Handler, Craig Ferguson and Arsenio Hall.

Do we and the media have the right to view Justin Bieber's arrest videos?  Forget Sochi, Syria, and Iran, bring on the Biebs says CBS Miami and the Miami Herald.

CeeLo Green gives himself the boot from The Voice.  Blake Shelton is hurt that CeeLo is taking his talents elsewhere.  Yahoo News breaks down what this means to NBC.  Here's the proof with Ellen Degeneres.

Fast Company reports that companies around the world are developing systems to allow roads to read your license plate number.  What's next, demerits for not using your turn signal?

The government wants your money to buy lots of ammunition according to CNS News.  Now why would the government need to buy over 704 million rounds of ammo?  CNS broke it down to 2500 rounds per officer... UH OH!