Back to the work week and back to the most entertaining, compelling, blah, blah, list of stories that people are talking about.  Kevin Miller's Hotlist once again stretches to cover everything from the series finale of HBO's True Detective to SNL's portrayal of Putin.   Let's get started!

Finally HBO has a show that people are talking about the way that they use to talk about the Sopranos.  With the recent disappointments of Boardwalk Empire and the non hits Girls and Veep, the audience and buzz of True Detective is a welcomed chorus to the folks at Time Warner says Entertainment Weekly.

Speaking of must see television, did you see Cosmos last night on every Fox television channel?  Talk about overkill!  If you missed it like I did, here's a recap thanks to USA Today.

Bill O'Reilly wonders during his show on Fox News who in the GOP can beat Hillary Clinton?

It's voting day once again in the Treasure Valley.  Several school districts across the state and Treasure Valley are asking taxpayers for money to fund their schools.  Channel 7 breaks down what you're voting for in their voter's guild.

Apparently there is a time limit on how long you can sit in a McDonalds.  WTOP reports an elderly couple was shown the door because they were 'sitting' too long.

A tale of two career paths.  Yahoo Education breaks down 5 high paying careers on the rise and 5 that are on their way out the door.

Oregon Voters will decide whether to privatize liquor sales and legalize recreational pot.  Channel 7 gives us a preview of both the pros and cons of both issues.

Utah will debate whether or not to prosecute cock fighters.  The Salt Lake Tribune profiles one man who says cockfighting is all about culture.

Forget stocks, bonds, gold and other type of investments to make money.  The Seattle Times examines the Northwest Trend of investors buying real estate.

Sarah Palin updates Dr. Seuss at CPAC.  Well worth the 39 minute speech courtesy of