The hotlist is back after a brief sabbatical and we're raring to go.  From Michael Lewis declaring the markets are 'rigged' to Wil Weaton's words of encouragement to a little girl.  Plus it's the last day to register for Obama Care and SNL takes on President Obama.

Jim Kelly is one of the greatest quarterbacks of any era.  Can you remember Kelly's first pro team?  It was the USFL's Houston Gamblers and then he went on to play for the Buffalo Bills.  He's the only NFL quarterback to play in four consecutive Super Bowls. documents Kelly's fight for his life.

Piers Morgan is done at CNN and now he's urging every American to give up their firearms reports CNS News.

Micheal Lewis is a best selling author of many books including Moneyball. He tells CBS's 60 Minutes that the stock market is fixed says

Today is the last day to sign up for the federal exchange.  SNL takes a look at the president's renewed effort to get more people signed up.  A text and video version is available thanks to The Blaze.

A little girl asks film star Wil Wheaton how do you respond when someone calls you a nerd?  Here's his inspiring answer thanks to You Tube.

Good Morning America is the number one television morning show in America for the last year.  Whatever happened to the The Today Show?  Well, instead of getting mad they're hiring away GMA's talent.  The New York Daily News reports Josh Elliot will leave GMA to work for NBC Sports.

People are still confused about Obama Care.  The deadline was today but now it has been extended says Fox News.

Who would've thought a company named after star crossed inventor Nikola Tesla would be a success.  Apparently Elon Musk thought it would fail but invested anyway according to Forbes.

Why the Walking Dead finale could be the most watched hour of television ever.  Did someone forget about MASH and Seinfeld?  Forbes breaks down the cable juggernaut's popularity.

Finally the final FOUR... Once we get that over with it's almost time for the seven months of NBA Playoffs...err... Here's the skinny on who made it and why courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

The weight is over for baseball fans across the country.  USA Today details the today's opening day.