I have to admit I'm a fan of the rain.  There's not a better way to pass the time than scouring the planet for the big stories while listening to the rain in the Treasure Valley.  Do not fear sun lovers.  We are weeks away from the days getting longer and the endless Summers of triple digits.  So relax and enjoy the rain while checking out the hotlist.

1.  The second amendment is alive and well in Connecticut.  Too bad the lawmakers are out of step with their constituents.  The Blaze has the details here

2.  Speaking of the second amendment, gun owners in California had a surprising victory.  The Blaze spells out what this means to the gun grabbers.

3.  Authorities in Tennessee are investigating two deaths from a mysterious package bomb sent to an attorney according to the Christian Science Monitor.

4.The crazy Winter weather is raising havoc with the airlines.  A record number of flights have been cancelled nationally according to myFoxdcom.

5.  The ratings for the Sochi Olympic games continue to tank.  Can anyone tell me what's the reason to tune in?  How many more days till the new season of the Amazing Race starts?  The Hollywood Reporter details the NBC dilemma.

6.  How many of us tuned in every week to hear Casey Kasem counting down America's Top 40?  Kasem now 81 and fraught with Parkinsons is a pawn in the legal fight over his fortune.  Once again, great reporting from The Hollywood Reporter.

7.  Is there a disagreement between Governor Otter and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden over the prison issue?  Dan Popkey has the details here.

8.  The Nampa Police department has been asked to investigate a Filer Police Officer who shot and killed a dog.  We will monitor this situation and let you know the latest.  Here are the details from the Statesman.

9.  Pat Buchanan takes a look at the future of the Tea Party at CNSNews.

10.  Steve Forbes writes that President Obama is the law.  Here's his take at Forbes.