Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time to rumble.  Let the 'JV' Debate begin.  Is this anyway to elect a President?  We'll use abbreviations to break down the candidates as they speak and I'll do my best to relay what they say with a pithy comment or two.  Here's the little big four otherwise known as the not for ready for prime time players: Rick Santorum (RS) George Pataki (GP), Bobby Jindal(BJ), and Lindsay Graham(LG).

CNN's preview reminds me of a WWE or UFC Pay Per View.  No mention of issues, just hype about Republican infighting.  Can anyone mention ISIS or the VA Crisis?  No surprise it's all about Trump like he's the Hulk Hogan of the GOP or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

CNN's Jake Tapper welcomes us.  Jake should've stayed at ABC. The guy is great for politics.  I really enjoyed him on This Week.  A nice touch having the cosmetically appealing young lady singing the National Anthem.  Jake is joined by Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash.

GP begins with an opening statement reminding us how much he loved Ronald Reagan.. RS talks about his Pro Life and end welfare record.  He goes over his time in the Senate and tells us how many kids he has in his family.  BJ tells us he's not famous or a TV Star.  Simple and to the point.  LG reminds everyone he's from South Carolina and he served in military when Reagan was President.

Tapper asks BJ why he smacks Trump? Can we have any question without The Donald?  BJ says Trump isn't a conservative.  He brilliantly pivots to Iran, Planned Parenthood and how to rescue America.  He calls Trump a narcissist.  RS is asked about personal attacks and he says personal attacks only help Hillary.

RS shares his vision of how to help average American Workers.  BJ is asked by the Tapper to respond.  Come on Jake!  You're better than the stupid Trump baiting.  On to LG, he says, we have a long way to go that he's the best to go.  Never mind he's at 4% in his own state.  LG asks other candidates if they're willing to destroy ISIS and commit 10,000 US Troops to Syria.

Oh, here comes Hugh Hewitt, who goes after GP.  ANOTHER TRUMP QUESTION!  How about jobs???  Clearly CNN has FOX envy!  GP says Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.  Funny how they're attacking Trump more than Clinton!

The Tapp or The Tapper asks LG about being a liability and not an asset.  LG once again goes back to being one issue Joe.  He goes back to how many times he's visited Iraq and Afghanistan.  I do admire him for his passion and commitment to the military.  He calls Obama a novice.

Dana Bash to RS on immigration and he disagrees with BJ.  RS calls it amnesty.  He says 'what's in the best interest in our country?'  He goes on in a circular argument about how wages have been lost.  BJ sporting a slicked back hair style talks about smart immigration.  The LA Gov. emphasizes assimilation.  Bash once again baits RS to disagree with BJ.

The Tapp asks GP about ending birthright citizenship.  I'm suddenly missing Bill Hemmer.  Perhaps we could have these four compete in something similar to America Ninja Warrior as opposed to this snooze fest.  GP recites the same old song about how we have to fix the 'broken' immigration system.

LG explains how we need to end birthright citizenship.  He tells us speaking English is a good thing.  Why, how profound.  He says he's never met an illegal Canadian.  LG say tourism visas that rich foreigners use to have kids here is bastardizing the system.

RS and LG debate what RS did in the Senate.  LG seems mad!  He continues to interrupt RS.  LG panders by saying Hispanics are Americans.  Where's the moderator?  CNN's clearly trying to get the sparks going for the viral moment.  Is it time for a commercial break?

Jake The Tapp asks BJ about Syrian Refugees.  BJ says that the problem can be solved by replacing Assad.  BJ shares his story about how assimilation changed his life.  LG asks how Obama can sleep at night.  LG blames Obama for the mess.  Ohhh back to Dana and ISIS...

LG says the veterans did their job and Obama wasted it.  He continues to say that if you're not willing to send troops, they you're not worthy to be commander and chief.  He says we should kill everyone one of those bastards, otherwise they're coming here!

  RS talks caliphate.  Didn't Glenn Beck warn us about this years ago?  BJ says kill the terrorist.  He points out how the Army has been cut and calls ISIS barbarians.  GP says we need to arm the folks and is cut off.

BJ is asked about how to handle the Muslims.  BJ says the Muslims must denounce the extremist and embrace American Freedoms.  "We're at war with radical Islamic Extremist."  BJ explains how the Christians are being discriminated against.

GP volunteers his take on Kim Davis.  He say's he'd fired her.  Jake Tapper interrupts everyone and FINALLY GOES TO A BREAK!  Mrs. Miller calls this boring!

Dang that was a short break.  We're back and now it's on to Kim Davis.  We go to RS, who talks about a woman who didn't deny God at Columbine and compares her to Kim Davis.  He asks, how many people will we throw in jail for their religious beliefs.  SCOTUS abusive and has exceeded its Constitutional Authority.  GP promises to nominate good judges. Haven't we heard that one before?

RS goes Martin Luther King Jr's letters from the Birmingham Jail.  GP says he's pro MLK.  How profound?  BJ wants the left to give us a list of what jobs Christians are not allowed to have.  LG quotes Marbury v. Madison as the law of the land.  LG wants everyone to practice their religion freely.

BJ says Roberts, Souter and Kennedy were mistakes to be put on SCOTUS.  BJ explains his justices will not write laws.  He will require a litmus test.  LG says Roberts is one of the most qualified candidate to come before the Senate.  RS shares that he stands behind his vote for John Roberts.  39 more minutes!

BJ reminds everyone how Roberts saved Obama Care Twice!  He admires the Senators with big bladders.  Hugh Hewitt asks BJ about LG's praise for Hillary Clinton.  BJ says it's time to fire all of the DC Establishment.  He says how the GOP will not defund Planned Parenthood.  He wants Congress to live under the same rules as all of us.

LG tells the crowd that he introduced Hillary Clinton.   He calls out to her: "Where the Hell were you on the Benghazi deathtrap?"  If elected, he promises to drink more!  Surprisingly he has not mentioned ISIS in about twenty minutes.  It's a record.  LG refuses to be cut off.

The Tapp asks GP about raising taxes on the big money hedge funders.  GP says he'd blow up the tax code.  No special break for the Wall Street Fat Cats!  He tells us he'll ban former lawmakers from becoming lobbyist.

BJ says he cut his state budget by over 20%.  RS announces a 20/20 plan for taxes.  Everyone gets taxed 20% and he believes we need to get Americans back to work.  He believes this will lead to an enormous investment in jobs.  GP is not in favor of eliminating the home mortgage deduction and the charitable deductions.  He wants items made in America.

LG explains that the federal minimum wage should not be raised.  He says that creating more jobs and opportunity is the answer.  LG shouts that we need to get out of debt.  RS defends his position of raising the minimum wage.  RS emotionally smacks the GOP for helping big business and not the Middle Class.

RS says the GOP needs to talk to people and not about businesses.  RS is very effective in his emotional defense of the American Worker.  How are you going to win if 90% of Americans believe you do not champion their interests?

On to the Iranians.. should we strike the Iranians?  LG yes, wants to rebuild our military, GP yes and give the Israelis big bombs, RS...still waiting for yes or no, I believe it's yes, whoops no one asked BJ if he'd bomb the mullahs... oh well on to Putin....

LG says the next 911 is more likely to come from Syria.  He wants to destroy the Caliphate and Assad must go.  BJ shares that Obama treats our friends badly and gets walked on by our enemies.  He goes after LG on stopping the Iranian deal?  LG dodges the question...

BJ exposes how the Senate GOP doesn't fight for anything.  Very effective and calls for defending Planned Parenthood.  No point in being cheap democrats.  LG says he's not going to shutdown the government.  He's sick of hearing republicans talk about issues and all he wants to do is win.

At last... The last round... then a quick break and then... the big one... if not, I'll need more coffee.

GP tells us we have to win and govern.  I miss School House Rock right now.  Sing along everyone, 'I'm just a bill, I'm only a bill,...'  GP shares with us his resume... is there a buzzer?

RS reminds everyone of his Congressional Record and his Pro Life Record... He points out that the GOP is retreating and he can get things done!

BJ is a doer and not a talker.  He knows what's at stake.  He's tired of the surrender caucus in DC.  Cut the LA budget 26%... What did you do?  He'll fight for us!

LG... He'll win a war that we can't afford to lose.  He has a plan to destroy ISIS.  He smacks Kasich for wanting to close bases.  LG proudly speaks about strengthening the military.

Well, we're done for now.  More coming up in ten minutes..