How many of us have ever lost someone we loved to drugs?  Or how many times have we feared losing our homes because of death, divorce, or loss of a job?  Where would you go?  The Boise Rescue Mission has been rebuilding lives and saving souls for years in the Treasure Valley.  Their faith-based program has transformed the lives of thousands in our area.  We're so blessed to have this group of board members, staff, and volunteers who work for God and not for money.

However, the world runs on food, material and money.  That's why I'm asking you to donate cash, new razors, new underwear, or sunscreen to help the Boise Rescue Mission this Summer.  I've learned through our years of covering them that the Summer is the mission's toughest time of the year.  Let's face it, donating is on our minds in the Fall, for most of us we're dreaming of our vacations in the Summer.

That's why I'm asking you to join our Summer Mission.  Our goal is to raise enough awareness that more folks donate before they go on vacation.  We do need those items mentioned above, and we have two places for you to donate.  You can join me at the Wal-Mart on Garrity and Franklin in Nampa.  I'll be living there till Saturday night at 6pm.  Or you can drop off your items at the broadcast center 827 E.Park Blvd in Boise.

Gently used clothes, food, cash and other items are welcome.  You can donate online here.  Please join me in helping those that truly make our Treasure Valley a treasure!