Finally someone agrees with your humble host on Jimmy Fallon's political bias.  I've been saying on the air for years that Fallon and his bosses at NBC favor the Democrats.  Brent Bozell describes in detail the bias that most folks believe is entertainment.  Will there ever be a conservative Johnny Carson?

What happens when you lose your teeth eating mashed potatoes in a restaurant?  You go to the dentist and then your lawyer.  Channel 7 has the details in this appetizing report.

A truly heartwarming story about the warm homecoming of Kuna High School Football Player Boone Bartlome from Channel 7.  We wish him a quick recovery and urge everyone to pray for him.

For years, since Nixon, the South has been the backbone of the Republican Party.  Could the Democrats ever retake the old Confederacy?  If so, then kiss the country goodbye.  The ever objective Politico details the Dems new plan to take back Dixie.

Judge Andrew Napolliano says a new tyranny is upon us as the government begins to officially monitor newsrooms across the country.  Is this the beginning of the end of the 1st Amendment?  Infowars details the judge's comments and how to fight back.

A new lawsuit alleges that American Idol has been ripping off artists like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson for years.  Shocking that a big corporation would hose someone out of their money isn't it?  The Hollywood Reporter takes a look behind the scenes of this pivotal court case.

Is it time to legislate the e-cigarette industry?  Utah is debating whether to become the first state to regulate vaping according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

A not so welcome home for a sailor from his HOA. They actually have a problem with a 'welcome home' sign.  KATC reports on the local reaction to the clamp down.

Are you ready for the smart gun?  It will only fire if you're wearing a matching wrist watch.  Yahoo Finance has the details on a growing trend in California.

President Obama wants to raise the minimum wage.  Yahoo Finance breaks down what it means to Costco.