The hits continue to roll along.  Violence in Missouri continues, a former Attorney General urges Obama to legalize the illegals, more troubling details about the suicide of Robin Williams and that's just the first three stories in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

A town that is seventy percent black verses a police force that is ninety percent white.  Throw in concerns over a police shooting and bad things happen according to some, reports CBS St. Louis.

Alberto Gonzales, a US Attorney General under President Bush, urges the president to use executive action in dealing with the border crisis says USA Today.

It's hard to believe that Robin Williams was concerned over money.  The actor was struggling to deal with multiple divorce settlements.  He grew despondent when his CBS Series was cancelled.  A breakdown of Williams' problems provided by the Daily Mail.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama says the president's immigration plan will have long lasting and a 'chilling' effect on the American Workforce says the National Review.

China continues to expands its space weapons program and it doesn't look good for our satellites says Bill Gertz in today's Washington Free Beacon.

Gay illegal aliens are demanding special protection involving deportation.  They want the US Government not to deport them reports the Washington Times.

It looks like a long tough road to reelection for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says the Washington Examiner.

Hollywood Icon Lauren Bacall has passed away.  How many times have we heard the term Bogy and Bacall?  Here's a look at the Tinseltown reaction to her death from Yahoo.

The new Star Wars Movie continues to move through production.  Here's a look at Mark Hamill sporting a beard courtesy of the Verge.

Kevin Ward's Father calls out Tony Stewart involving the death of his son reports Yahoo.