We remember all the good things about being a kid.  Our hopes and dreams, everyone dreams of living the American Dream.  What happens when the dream becomes a nightmare?  How does one escape domestic violence or child abuse?  Most of us can relate to the Everclear song Wonderful, however, how can we make our neighborhoods safer for spouses and kids?

Thursday night beginning at 7pm we have a group of experts who will help you if you are a victim, or know someone who needs help.  These folks deal with crimes of violence against women and children daily.  They do so without the spotlight and headlines.  These folks heroically help those that need it the most.  The message is that you are not alone.

Here are a few of the folks that will be at Foothills Christian Church:

Jean Lockhart, Boise Rescue Mission, Flora Langley, Jan Bennetts, Ada County Prosecutor, representatives from the Women's and Children's Alliance, Hope's Door, and FACES.

When a dream becomes a nightmare thankfully we wake up and it's over.  Our neighbors who are victims who cannot escape their abusers by opening their eyes.  Please join us as we find out how to end domestic violence and make all our lives wonderful.