Last week was a big week for the breast feeding rights movement.  Mountain Home AFB reversed its policy after a public outcry from base residents.  Friday saw another demonstration as several mothers held a nurse in on the capitol steps according to KTVB.

What was the purpose of the protest?  Does the Gem State discriminate against public breast feeders?  The answer would be no.  Is pubic breast feeding protected by Idaho Law?  Nope.  So why the protest?  The show in Boise was designed to pressure lawmakers to pass legislation protecting public breast feeding.  The Idaho Moms were part of a Facebook organized movement.

A word of warning when it comes to dealing with public breast feeding advocates.  In the past, airlines, airports, and other groups have buckled under the pressure from public breast feeding lobby.  So perhaps next legislative season in addition to the 'add the words' folks, the gun right's proponents, we'll have the public breast feeding battalion.  Forget taxes and other relevant issues, I can hardly wait for the debate to begin.