A potentially volatile situation is unfolding in Eastern Oregon as militia members have taken over a federal building and vow to stay as long as needed.

The group includes members of the Bundy family, known for their stand against the federal government last year in Nevada.

Hundreds of militia members from Oregon and out of state marched in a peaceful rally through downtown Burns to protest the prosecution of Hammond in what is said to be trumped up charges and an attempt by the Federal Government to make a land grab on the Hammond ranch and other properties in that part Oregon.

Among the supporters is Ammon Bundy, who has called on militia and patriot groups to bring force to Burns. His group plans to stay in Burns until the county steps in and offers a safe haven for the Hammonds, who are supposed to report to federal prison Monday. The group took over the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge late Saturday night.

CNN spoke with the protesters.

The Harney County Sheriff's Office advises residents to stay away from the refuge for their own safety. They're advised to call police if they see any of the militia members and not confront them personally. The sheriff's office is setting up a 1-800 number for people who have questions about the situation.

In response to the protest, Harney County School District has closed all of its schools this week.