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730AM-8AM Representative Lynn Luker's professional protection bill is discussed.  The bill would allow professionals to refuse to serve folks who violate their religious beliefs.  We get a live report from the East Coast on the Super Bowl and Dave Petso previews Money Matters.

7AM-730AM  Kevin asks the question will Mitt Romney run again?  The panel debates the high and lows of the last presidential campaign.  The panel takes a look at the Super Bowl and gives their picks.

630AM-7AM Patriot Ray starts the segment off with a review of the State Of The Union.  We go to Garrett in Sand Hollow who talks about the Idaho Legislature.  He says Idaho politicians lack conviction concerning the 2nd Amendment.

Check out the podcast page for the audio.

6AM-630AM Will the government take your retirement money?  Tea Party Bob predicts that government will take your IRA.  "If it happened in Poland, it can happen here, " according to TPB.  The comments by Utah Speaker of the House spur conversation concerning the state of governing in Idaho.

530AM-6AM The panel takes a look education in schools.  Patriot Ray describes a man from Ohio who was buried with his motorcycle.  Tea Party Bob discusses the Feds looking at your IRA.

5AM-530AM It's mayhem in the AM as Kevin Miller is joined by Tea Party Bob and Patriot Ray.  The conversation gets intense early as Ray and Bob smack Kevin about Common Core.  The panel takes a look at why Tom Luna will not seek re election.  Daryl and Shelia from the Canyon County Tea Party join the group.