President Barrack Obama will visit the Treasure Valley this Wednesday at Boise State University.  ( Is it me, or does everyone speak at BSU?  What's wrong with the Idaho Center?)  The president will be appearing after his second to last state of the union speech in Washington DC.

I expect the president to make a big speech touting some sort of policy decision that will impact Idaho and the West.  Let's face it, he's not coming here to congratulate the Broncos on another Fiesta Bowl Win. (Although I'm sure the commander and chief will reference BSU's success in his speech.)  I do have an idea what the president will announce and I will share that with you this week on 580 KIDO in the morning.

USA Today reports that the president will look to call for tax increases on the wealthy, Keystone, and immigration.  The president will seek to do to the tax code what he did to our healthcare.  Thankfully he faces McConnel and Boehner and not allies Reid and Pellosi.  I believe the tax increase proposal will go nowhere.

The president will have the attention of the world when he arrives in Boise.  It's now time for Obama to call on the Iranian Government to release Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other Americans being held against their will.  Saeed is going on year three of his captivity.

His life is in danger because of his Jesus Christ.  The conditions of Iranian Prisons make the Ada County Jail comparable to the Grove Hotel.  Saeed's 'crime' was that he was a Christian building an orphanage for Iranian Children.

The major networks have ignored the Abedini story.  His wife Naghmeh has courageously traveled the world raising awareness about her husband.  Only Fox News and CNN, some of the time, report on the Saeed's plight.  The president has a great opportunity when he visits Idaho this week.  When the president speaks, the networks listen.  They need to cover this story!

I would ask the commander in chief to take advantage of his last full year in office.  Start 2015 by making it the year of no American left behind.  Denounce the unlawful torture and imprisonment of a fellow American.  Demand that the Mullahs release our people if they truly want to join the international community.  Send that message to the world this Wednesday Mr. President.  Make your visit memorable to Idaho and to Iran.