We continue collecting items for the Boise Rescue Mission here at the Garrity Walmart.  This morning we heard from Melissa, a graduate of the New Life Program.  She shared with us her fear of being homeless with two young children.  Thanks to her efforts and the mission, she is married and owns a very successful cleaning company.

Board Member Tony Greer expressed his thoughts on how the Boise Rescue Mission has helped him.  He told the story of serving food at the City Light Home for women and children and was approached by a resident who had just gotten a job.  "You could see the transformation in her," he said.  He continued, "she was a totally different person."

Please consider making a donation today.  Your gifts of cash, clothing, food, new razors, new underwear, and sunscreen will make a difference in the lives of Treasure Valley residents.

Miller's Summer Mission will benefit the Valley Women's & Children's Shelter (Boise Rescue Mission Ministries). Some needed items are:

  • sunscreen
  • razors
  • new underwear
  • other summer essentials
  • cash will be accepted on-site

Can't make it to Walmart? You can donate at the KIDO studio located at 827 East Park Blvd, Suite 100 in Boise.