Kimberly Guilfoyle from Fox News shared with how to be your own best advocate.  Here's what she told Kevin.  The former prosecutor described her challenge of losing her mother at a young age.  She spoke about the advice her father gave her to that still motivates her today.  The host of the Five reminisced with Kevin Miller about working the Duke Lacrosse Story.

Rob and Arron from Team Subaru donated items to Boise Rescue Mission.  They communicated how important it is to giveback to the community.  John and Michelle from the rescue mission spoke about how they met and found true love.

Canyon County Sheriff Keiran Donahue revealed why giving previously incarcerated folks need a second chance.  The sheriff previewed the Man Up Crusade's 'Run to the Rodeo'

Miller's Summer Mission will benefit the Valley Women's & Children's Shelter (Boise Rescue Mission Ministries). Some needed items are:

  • sunscreen
  • razors
  • new underwear
  • other summer essentials
  • cash will be accepted on-site

Can't make it to Walmart? You can donate at the KIDO studio located at 827 East Park Blvd, Suite 100 in Boise.