How does one compete to represent the Gem State in the Miss USA Pageant?  Claira Hollingsworth shares her strategy with Kevin Miller.  Did you know a Miss Idaho never has won the Miss USA Pageant?  Current Miss Idaho Clara Hollingsworth hopes to become the first as she prepares for her big day.  The 64th annual Miss USA Pageant will be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and broadcast live on NBC July 12th.

For most of us, speaking in pubic, never mind on stage clad in only a bikini, would be too much.  However, Miss Idaho keeps it all in perspective. "It can be difficult that people are judging you on your looks and everything you say.  It's rewarding to be up there because you've worked hard for it."

That hard work includes taking her responsibilities as a role model seriously.  "I try to go to as many elementary schools to speak to the kids.  It's an honor to be a role model, and it's something you have to be aware of in the social media world, she explained.  Whether I wear a crown or not, I know I'm representing Idaho."

Her commitments have taken Clara all over the country including visiting cities such as Miami and New York City.  Whoever she happens to meet along the way, the Preston native is always asked about her home state.  "I thought about this a lot, and it isn't a pageant answer,"  she said.  "There are many people who've never been to Idaho.  I tell them it's the hidden gem of the United States.  Once they visit, they never want to leave."

The chances are that Idaho's hidden gem will soon be known worldwide after July 12th.