Mitt Romney took a beating from the Democrats and the press during the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  Chris Mathews joked about Romney being out of touch.  Well who is laughing now?  It's not the Ukraine!The truth didn't seem to matter during the debates.  The crisis we are seeing now was predicted by Romney in a debate against Obama that you can see here via You Tube.  Anyone seeing this clip knows that the president clearly had no idea what was about to happen.  Instead of debating Romney, he tried a zinger about 1980s foreign policy.  I wish we had the respect of the world like we did in the 1980s.

Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity on Fox News how the world sees Obama verses Putin.  No, it's not the Rock verses Stone Cold, it's more like a librarian verses a construction worker.  Palin's clip is available thanks to CNS News.

The press wanted to believe the Cold War was over and they were wrong.  Instead of letting each candidate debate foreign policy, they chose sides.  Let's face it our foreign policy is a disaster.  Iraq is in chaos after we left.  Afghanistan is about to go the same way after we leave.  Syria continues to kill its own people with the backing of Russia and China.  Never mind the shaky governments of Egypt and Libya.

Putin is no fool.  He's a real life tough guy who remembers the glory days of the Soviet Union.  You don't survive and thrive in the KGB by being a community organizer.  Much like Brezhnev sensed weakness in Carter, Putin believes Obama is a wimp.  We've retreated from the world we use to police and announced massive military cuts.  There is no deterrent for the Russian Bear.

Romney had it right in 2012 and if elected we would see a more pro American foreign policy.  What the president fails to understand is that the language of Putin and the world's dictators is action and not words.  It's nothing to joke about.  What we have here is a failure to communicate.