830AM-9AM  Kevin takes calls on The Declaration of Independence and hears from folks who are upset about bilingual Coke ad.  He reviews the Obama/O'Reilly interview.

8AM-830AM  Fox News Reporter Jennifer Keiper takes a look at this year's new cars.  Kevin takes calls on the controversial Super Bowl Ad from Coke.  Another look at the Boise Undie Run.  Plus a look at why local colleges are against guns on campus.

730AM-8AM  Kevin is joined by John Felkins of Entreleadership previewing the Dave Ramsey Show in Boise this week.  John passes along relevant tips aimed at improving small businesses and takes a look at the economy.

7AM-730AM Kevin and Dave go over take a look at last month's rough month for the markets.  They review the most effective and ineffective Super Bowl Ads.

630-7AM Kevin plays the Declaration of Independence from last night's Super Bowl.  Would you run in your underwear for a good cause?  Kevin takes a look at the weekend Undie Run in Boise.  He also rates last night's Super Bowl Commercials.  Fox News Reporter Jeff Monosso checks in from New Jersey with a recap of last night's Super Bowl.

6AM-630AM  Kevin takes a look at the Bill O'Reilly verses President Obama interview.  Did O'Reilly go far enough?  Why did Obama continue to defend Obama Care, Benghazi, and the IRS?  Plus the best tweet ever from Patio Daddio "Use the promo code PEYTON when ordering a Papa Johns pizza & when it’s delivered to your house, a Seattle DB will take it from you & eat it."

530AM-6AM  Kevin and Robin go over the Super Bowl and the ads that were hits and misses.  Kevin previews the Bill O'Reilly/ President Obama interview.  Kevin and Robin debate the merits of the local underwear run.

Kevin Miller