Just after 8 this morning, Nampa Police tried to stop a 90’s model 4dr. BMW for speeding near Homedale Road and Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. As the officer attempted to get behind the BMW, a second car, tried to ram the officer. Investigators believe the vehicles were traveling together.

After a short pursuit, the car that tried to ram the police car crashed into a power pole at Midway and the Boulevard as the driver tried to make the turn south on Midway. 23 year old Shaeanna Valenzuela of Caldwell was taken into custody after sustaining minor injuries from the crash and was transported to the hospital.

The BMW is at large. Police are looking for a silver 90’s model, 4 door BMW. The rear bumper of the car has a yellow stripe that appears to be where the silver paint has worn off, exposing the primer or plastic on the bumper. It was last seen driven by a white male and traveling Laster Lane.

Valenzuela was charged with aggravated assault on police personnel, eluding, possession of a control substance, distribution of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and no driver’s license.