Today the disagreement over SB 1067 has gone national with a story in today's New York TimesThe story describes Idaho as 'ornery' and positions gem state residents as distrustful of the federal and foreign governments.  The Gem State is  home to 'prickly' pride according to the story.  I believe being called ornery and prickly are not compliments in anyone's vocabulary.

The article breaks down the issue quoting folks on both sides.  However my concern is that the real issue of foreign influence is being glossed over.  How many Idahoans are comfortable submitting their sovereignty to the Hague?  Do we really need foreign governments dictating policy to Idahoans?  Why are the feds so quick to force Idaho to drink the international Kool Aid?

Representative Nate told us this morning that the feds cannot legally take away the money.  If they do, Idaho has enough in the general fund to continue child support services.  Clearly our elected officials need to decide if we are beholden to Idaho or the Hague!