Somebody is bombing the bad guys in Iraq, a violent television series returns, and Russian Bombers continue to invade US Airspace.  Think you've got issues?  Wait till you check out today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Iraq is getting bombed according to multiple sources.  ISIS forces are taking fire but no one will admit to the airstrikes.  Speculation and word from the ground says it's American planes reports the New York Times.

Speaking of bombers, a new report says Russian Bombers penetrated American Airspace numerous times according to the Washington Times.

A prominent Montana Democrat has withdrawn from the state's highly competitive senate race says the Daily Caller.

There is now a clear scientific link that a person who is deficient in this vitamin could increase their chances of getting Alzheimer's from Yahoo.

The Sons of Anarchy is one of the most violent and popular shows on television.  Here's a brief preview of the seventh and final season from You Tube.

There's another big battle between the Tea Party and the Establishment brewing in Tennessee.  Here's a preview of what's likely to happen according to the Washington Examiner.

Border Patrol Agents are now coming forward claiming the Feds are releasing illegal immigrants who are murderers reports CBS Washington.

The director for the Centers for Disease Control says the Ebola situation is unprecedented from Yahoo.

There is no equality in college football.  The NCAA has allowed the Power Five Conferences, the SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and Pac 12 to make up their own rules according to Yahoo.

Strange sea creatures are invading West Coast Beaches reports CBS Seattle.