With the charm and affinity of an 18th-century carnival barker, the 44th president of the United States spoke at Boise State today.  I'm glad the college students gave him a warm welcome.  They'll be paying for his actions, along with their student loans, for the rest of their lives.
I know this is not a popular thing to express during the blue euphoria of Obama's comments here.  The local press might as well have been an arm of the White House Press Office.  There wasn't one story, except for my opinion column, that speculated why he was here.
Forget the Boulder-White Clouds fellow taxpayers, it appears we paid for a presidential pep rally.  How much did it cost for Dave Bieter to fly from Washington DC on Air Force One?  Let me be the first to ask the mayor of Boise.
Before we decipher the propaganda from the great one, there was some great news that I will mention.  The president finally agreed to meet with Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini.  Hopefully, the commander in chief will now demand that the Iranians release Saeed.  It's too bad it took a HUGE lobbying effort from her supporters to get a meeting with Obama.  Obama should have met with Naghmeh in year one not year three of his captivity.

The president spoke today about 'middle-class economics', and that everyone gets a shot.  What he failed to mention is the explosion in the upper-class incomes under his watch.  The disparity between rich and poor has widened under the administration.  The middle class has shrunk to more people collecting government benefits than paying taxes.
My favorite part of the speech,  is that the self-ordained champion of the middle class, is declaring we have to make things more affordable just like he did to us with healthcare.  He wants to send Congress a plan to give us more money and help.  If it's anything like the 'help,' he gave us with destroying our health care system, I'll take a pass.  (How many of us have had our premiums raised or our coverage cancelled?)
On a personal note, I stand behind my opinion piece on the Boulder-White Clouds movement. I believe we forced the president to reconsider, and I'm glad I was wrong for now. The statesman's Rocky Barker gives his take on it here.
The presidential carnival has left town.  We now go back the unenviable task of paying for admission to Obama's Carnival.