The president decided to spend his time talking about race to an unknown pod caster.  Warning the above video is not censored and the president uses the N-word.

All Americans want to support their leader.  Even if we don't agree with all of their policies.  It's nice to know that in a crisis, we can count on our commander in chief.  Unfortunately, the president has failed to bring us together.  In fact, he seems to be doing his very best to take advantage of the Charleston Killings.

As we've documented before, the commander in chief wasted no time in blaming guns for the killings.   Before Dylann Roof was apprehended,  the president was lobbying for more gun control laws while addressing a group of mayors.  Certainly the president's time would've been better to suited to visit Charleston to comfort the survivors.  His call for national unity would've inspired all of us.

Olivier Douliery/ABACA / Getty Images/ Pool

Instead, the president played the politics card.  Over the weekend, he played the race card using the n-word in describing race relations.  This from a man who vowed that there were 'no white Americans, black Americans, just Americans.'  So much for that speech.  I guess we can file those comments along with hope and change.

The president's use of the N-word shows that he believes a hyphenated America stills exists.  The chief executive should be vilifying that repulsive word instead of elevating it.  He could learn a lot from the good folks of Charleston.