Sunday was a day of travel for yours truly and it's always an adventure.  Do you remember when flying use to be fun?  The days of TWA and Pan AM?  Those days are gone forever I guess.  Just like people dressing up to travel.

I try to make it very easy for myself and the TSA.  In fact, if everyone dressed like me, shorts, crocs, and something short of pajamas, life would be a lot easier going through security.  I'm always amazed at people that forget to take off their shoes or belts.  Anyway let's get back to the trip.

I believe that truly the airlines have a bias against fat people - or people that are not excessively thin or small.  Who really can fit into those airlines seat?.  I fail miserably at squeezing myself into one of those smallish seats.  I wonder if this time around will be the first time I have to ask, 'hello, I'd like a seat belt extender please?'  Then again, it doesn't stop me from hitting the buffet bar.

So I get on the plane and I'm looking for my seat.  It's like playing with house money when you have an empty seat next to you.  Or a thin person.  That was not to be for me this time around.  I was seated next to a man who filled out his seat, although not as much as I filled out mine, on our way to Houston.  Every seat was filled and I believe I was the most excessive person on the flight.  Plus the guy was podcasting Rachel Madow.  So it was a double whammy of conserving leg space while fighting for shoulder room.  A fun way to spend over three hours.

The highlight of the trip was that Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden was seated directly in front of me.  No we weren't in first class, although I do envy the seat size in that area.  I'd like to report that the attorney general was running wild and we've got the exclusive.  However, Mr. Wasden worked the entire flight to Houston.  He was nice enough to take a photo with me.  That was the highlight of my flight to Houston.

On to DC!  How many times do we rush from one of the airport to the other because we're worried about making our flight?  I had plenty of time, but I like to get there early.  It really doesn't matter when you arrive, only if you're late.  Then they leave without you.

I knew we were in trouble when the airline needed three people to book their flights later.  They offered meals, hotel, and a five hundred dollar credit if one took a later flight.  I was tempted briefly, but couldn't justify what would happen Monday morning at 5AM.  "Hello from the Marriot at Houston everyone.  I know we're supposed to be in DC.  You wouldn't believe what happened to me."

The flight was packed!  Thankfully I was one of the small folks on the flight.  I marveled at the engineering of a few of those airline seats, to be able to hold so much weight is impressive.  ( I know, a little projection from me.)  The flight was great and we got in early to DC.  All was well, until it was time for the taxi ride.

I couldn't believe there were over one hundred people waiting for taxis at Washington Reagan on a late Sunday afternoon.  I'm usually impressed how big city taxi companies shuttle people to their destinations.  This was not the case last night.  The 'taxi bosses' waived several cabs by our frustrated line..  Apparently they were not approved by the airport authority!

The wait seemed to last longer than the flight.  (Don't they know who I am!  No, I didn't think that, I did say aloud, that's why I live in Idaho!)  Anyway after almost an hour waiting, I was directed to a cab across the street.  The young man who drove the cab, who was new to America, decided he didn't like my destination, so he told me to get out.  Much to the chagrin of the 'cab bosses' I was moved to another cab!

Finally I arrived at the remote broadcast center.  I met with Bob Dane of FAIR to go over our broadcast requirements for today.  A special thanks to Bob who gave up his Sunday night to make sure we we're good to go for Monday.

Compared to other folks, who work for a living, my day was easy.  The takeaway from my journey in is that travel is for the thin and not for the large or extra large!