At the time of this writing a gunman in Moscow Idaho has killed three people and injured a fourth in a shooting spree Saturday night.  While the world was focused on Paris, France, I wonder what caused killing suspect twenty nine year old John Lee to kill?  The police are investigating motives, but how can anyone make sense of a man who kills his adoptive mother, sixty one year old Terri Grzebielski?  Police state that Lee began by shooting his mother.

He then shot his landlord seventy six year old David Trail killing him and thirty nine year old Michael Chin.  Chin is in critical condition as of this writing.  Lee was not done, according to the police.  He drove to Arby's, asked for the manager.  He then shot and killed forty seven year old Belinda Niebuhr.  Lee was arrested after leading the Pullman Police on a high speed chase.

I'm sure we will hear from Lee's defense attorneys that will try to defend him in court.  These murders are indefensible.  This tragedy teaches us a sobering lesson that these acts can happen to anyone anywhere.  Gun grabbers will try to use this story to attack the second amendment.  Gun champions will argue for more gun freedoms.  They'll be plenty of time to debate both sides.

Today, I'd ask you to pray for the victims families and to thank God for all that you have.  The lesson I take away from this tragedy is one we hear all the time, that every moment counts is precious.  How many of us really our grateful for the lives we have?