President Obama has had a rough few weeks.  He's looking at crisis overload and let's not forget the Supreme Court smacked him this week as well.  How bad is it for the president?  A new poll has him as one of the worst presidents ever?  Plus, proof that more liberals like Soccer than conservatives.  Those stories and more are in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Remember when the president could do anything and the opinion polls would say that most Americans support him personally?  That era is over and is he really the worst president in the last six decades?  The details from the Washington Examiner.

How many Americans like the sport of Soccer?  It it possible to determine one's love of the game based on political ideology?  The breakdown from the Washington Examiner.

A congressman was denied access to one of the holding areas for the illegal immigrants.  Can government do that?  What are they hiding?  The story continues from the Daily Caller.

We can never forget President Ronald Reagan.  We miss the Gipper!  Here's the Gipper's take on the Fourth of July from CNS News.

Food and food service use to be a place where politics and social issues could be put to the side.  However, Burger King has introduced a 'gay' whopper...It's true and here's the skinny from the Washington Times.

Why did the patent office strip the Washington Redskins of their trademarks?  How many people or groups complained to force government action?  Not one, says the Washington Times.

The sage of Bowe Bergdahl continues to attract local and national media attention.  Here's an in depth look at his background from today's New York Times.

Hillary's back.  Bill is back.  It's the nineteen nineties all over again.  Why not Monica?  Well, Monica Lewinsky is back and talking about her embarrassing past reports Yahoo.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie likes to mix it up during his town hall meetings.  Christie usually gets the upper hand when dealing with the public.  Here's what happens when the public gets the best of him from the business insider.

Now this is a restaurant concept that we should bring to the Treasure Valley.  It's called Girls and Guns from Fox News.