Naghmeh Abedini has received word that President Barack Obama has agreed to meet with her during his short visit to Boise on Wednesday.
Abedini's husband, Saeed, has been imprisoned in Iran for more than two years for his Christian beliefs.
On her Facebook page Abedini is asking others around the state to head to BSU on Wednesday to show that support. She asks people to wear the color yellow and to hold a "Free Saeed" sign.
Naghmeh wrote an open letter to the President…

January 19, 2015
The President
TheWhite House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President:
My heart leapt with hope when I heard that you would be visiting my home town of Boise, Idaho. Since the Iranian government took my husband, Saeed Abedini, almost 3 years ago, I have been praying and wanting to meet with you. With each of my travels to Washington D.C., I hoped that I would get a call, or an invitation to see you and to speak with you. To have you look into my eyes and see the piercing pain that has been there since my husband’s imprisonment; to see my kids and to know that they have missed the warm embrace of their dad for nearly three years.

You are a father. Imagine the pain and anguish Saeed has experienced knowing that he has missed seeing his children grow up. The last time Saeed held his daughter she was 5; now she is 8. Imagine the repeated nightly cries of my children, only for them to wake up each morning to that reality that his absence was not a bad dream. You are a father, so I ask you to imagine. Serving as President of the United States, you have pledged to protect America – to protect our citizens. My husband loves this country. So much so, he became a U.S. citizen on March 11, 2010. The following day he shared on Facebook these words: “Today is the first day I opened my eyes as an American. . . . I need to be an active citizen for my new country, Lord help me to do your will in my country America. Lord Bless America.” You speak about the need to protect religious freedom and human rights. Saeed is imprisoned merely because of his Christian faith. My husband has committed no crime – he chose to exercise his God--‐given right to choose his own faith.

Mr. President, my children have made a video asking you to help bring their daddy home.

I ask you to watch it and see the rawness of their tears. You will get a glimpse of their daily suffering. Mr. President, my children and I respectfully request, as you come to our home town of Boise, Idaho, that you take a moment of your time to meet with us. Such a meeting would go a long way in instilling faith that the leader of our country considers our sufferings important and that you are committed to reuniting our family. With much respect and appreciation,

Naghmeh, Rebekka, and Jacob Abedini