Are we living in a world where school or workplace shootings are happening more often than in recent years?  Most folks would attribute the rash of gun stories to the

Getty Images George Frey

advancements in technology that allow us to know news instantly.    Tragically twenty one year old Andrew Boldt was killed today while studying at Purdue University in Indiana.  CNN reports that the suspect twenty three year old Cody Collins has been charged with murder.  Most schools and workplaces are gun free zones.  However what happens when a predator decides to ignore rules prohibiting guns?  We read, hear, and see it in the news.

The media has done a grave disservice to the country by portraying guns as the problem and advocating for gun control.  Gun laws are not usually recognized by the criminally insane, regular criminals, or deranged individuals.  Yet law abiding citizens have been arrested for carrying weapons for self protection.  Clearly being unarmed against armed assailants is not working.  So what's the solution?

It starts in Idaho during this legislative season.  Gem State citizens need to realize whether or not they're in a gun friendly state.  The West was founded on average citizens protecting themselves against criminal predators.  Why have we gotten away from our roots?  Clearly pro gun representatives and senators must garner the courage to introduce legislation allowing citizens to protect themselves and not sitting on the sidelines wondering where our safety has gone.

Technology is great and we all love the progress that it brings.  It does have it's limits when it comes to protecting ones self and family.  However an armed Idahoan limits the chances that ordinary activities become tragic realities.