George Kennedy died over the weekend in Idaho.   A man who entertained millions with his gift of acting.  How many actors could play a no nonsense tough guy in one film and completely transform themselves into a comedian in the next?  However, here's how the Treasure Valley will remember George Kennedy.

I never had the opportunity to meet George Kennedy. Sure I was a big fan of his whether it was watching him in Naked Gun or Cool Hand Luke. I feel like I know Mr. Kennedy by the numerous online tributes to him from local Treasure Valley residents. The Oscar winner was known throughout our area as a quiet, humble, and family man. I was amazed at how many folks would speak about meeting Mr. Kennedy and his grandson as they lived normal lives here in Idaho.

My wife Dorothy reflects many folks in the Treasure Valley that knew Mr. Kennedy. She recalled how he would come into her flower shop to place an order. "He was very humble. He never acted like what I thought a movie star should act like. He liked to sit and talk to us for a minute. He would hand write his floral messages. He always ordered roses."

The Oscar winner was never reclusive when approached in public. "He would always stop and say hi to you at the grocery story, " according to Dorothy. George Kennedy, like a lot of us, was a family man. "It was always heartwarming to see Mr. Kennedy with his grandson Cory around town or running errands. They had a special bond."

In Hollywood, George Kennedy will be remembered for his great work and awards. In Idaho, he'll be remembered as truly a Gem State Treasure.